Giles Prichard

Psychotherapist & counsellor

I am a registered psychotherapist and counsellor based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire working face to face and online. 

I offer a quiet, secure and professional space for you to find out how you arrived at where you are and to find ways to live more autonomously. You may find yourself living within destructive patterns, feeling overwhelmed, anxious or plain stuck; whatever has brought you to read these words, making the decision to reach out may feel a sizeable step and I hope this site gives a flavour of who I am and my style of work. 

My job is to listen to you and to assist an unfolding and understanding to develop. The more we can explore a problematic part of your life, the more I find we arrive at a freedom from its dominance. However, I don't offer quick or magic solutions - at times therapy can be challenging - but, my experience as both someone in therapy myself and as a practitioner, is that it is often at these very moments that changes are afoot behind the scenes. I like the idea that therapy is about an arriving home to yourself - that if we relax into the process of being curious about ourselves, acceptance grows as some of the stories that inhabit (or perhaps inhibit) us naturally change for new ones.